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Over 25 years’ experience servicing, rebuilding & repairing diesel fuel injection systems and being associated with world renowned companies like Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Continental we have mastered the process of repairing fuel systems and turbochargers. We follow a full circle of fault diagnosis, identification and rectification with the help world class test equipment.

We believe learning is constant and train ourselves to improve the process and given out better quality constantly.

Diesel Injection Systems

Visual Test

Old Injectors

Fuel injection component is looked for physical damages such as cracks , heavy corrosion , welding spots , overheating and completeness.

Electrical Test

The fuel injection component is tested for electrical tests like insulation , resistance , dynamic resistance , capacitance . 

FSA 50 Bosch

Flushing & Pre Testing

Fuel system is tested at low RPM to remove diesel from inside and see and study the condition of the same . Also this pre testing educates on level of the wear and tear of the component.

Leak Test.jpg



Ultrasonic cleaning of fuel system components , followed by air drying and then washing under clean diesel.



Repair pricing is shared with the customer for approval.


Disassembly of the fuel system for parts and components with microscopic verification of defects.


Parts Replacement

New Parts.jpg

Replacement of elements such as element , delivery valve , control valve , nozzle , seal rings, shims , balls , cap nuts , inlet connectors , shafts , supply pump , imv that have been damaged, if necessary, we replace or remanufacture the components


New components along with washed okay components are assembled as per OE specifications.


Stage 3 Repair

Specialized tools are used to set fuel doses and set injection timing.

Stage 3.jpg




All primary packaging is kept in mind to prevent corrosion and the safe packaging is done for long distance logistics.

Pre Packaging

Systems are verified for completeness and extra external parts received are fitted back.

Pre Packaging.jpg


Fuel system is simulated on test bench to verify , set performance parameters such full load delivery , idle delivery , emissions delivery , starting delivery , fuel losses and leakages. Common rail injectors are also coded as per specifications.